At a Glance

An overview

AFAM software company was founded by a group of experienced experts in the field of petroleum and gas and experts in the field of software system development who gathered and founded Arya Fanavaran System Maad Company. AFAM team consists of experienced experts in the IT-related fields who all have a long history of experience in software development and system design.

In addition to a good resume, the main core of this software group consists of some experts with experience of more than a decade in industrial projects, especially in the field of petroleum, gas, and petrochemistry as well as a significant experience in the production of software systems in this field.

AFAM’s PMIS (Project Management Information System) software is a comprehensive software for the information management of large industrial projects. The solutions of AFAM’s comprehensive system begin with the definition of a project and commencement of the basic engineering phase and then, by managing the processes in the detailed engineering phase, covers all steps of the project procurement management up to the preparation and delivery of the items to the warehouse and, subsequently, the material and fabrication management process.