Projects Management Information eXpert


The Comprehensive Project Management Information Dashboard (Project Management Information Exascale0 known as PMIX is AFAM’s new solution for project managers and high-ranking managers in an organization. This dashboard is an independent system designed for project managers and high-ranking managers of the organizations. By extracting the projects’ information from other project management information systems, including EDMS, PPMS, and CPMS, this dashboard provides the managers with the latest status of projects in a real-time and online manner and based on the commonly-used information and calculating the project management indicators (KPI).

Since all of the AFAM’s project management information systems (including CPMS, PPMS, and EDMS) have been designed with a bottom-to-top approach aiming to use all of the project factors at the lowest level, the organization managers’ use of these systems is not attractive due to the need for long time and the complexity resulted from the broad range of the features and capabilities. Yet, this problem has been solved with the help of the PMIX modulus. By using this console and without needing to log in other systems in the case of logging in this system and also by having access to the project portfolios, the organization’s managers will be informed of the latest status of the projects in terms of different aspects including project time, cost, progress, … through different statistical curves and diagrams.